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Chief's Monthly Report

Chief's Monthly Report

Fire Department

Monthly Progress Report

West Valley Fire Department

Yakima County Fire District 12

For the Meeting of September 8th, 2020

Agenda Topic:            Department Monthly Progress Report

Prepared By:              Chief Nathan Craig

Date Prepared:           September 3, 2020

The primary purpose of this report is to keep the Board of Fire Commissioners informed as to the activities and progress on major programs or objectives.  The items listed, as near as possible, are in priority order.  As a second purpose, this report will be shared with the Officers Management Team and all fire personnel.


Lieutenant Craig Bunting, Firefighters Jay Deloza, Chelsea Rowley and Konner Koch have been granted leave of absence.  Support Member Mary Lou Shean has resigned.

Starting August, we have 96 on call members, 67 in service for operations, 13 support, 4 medical leave, 1 light duty and 11 on leave of absence.  Our total number of personnel is 106. 


In August there were a total of 66 incidents of which 62 were responded to by our personnel.  Additionally, we sent crews out on a couple State Mobilizations and a DNR fire.

Incidents:                                        YTD                                                    

Station 51                   9                     82

Station 52                   6                     133     

Station 53                   8                    64

Station 54                   4                     43

Station 50                   35                   250

Yakima                        0                     6

Ambulance Only         4                     52

Total                                                     630


Incident Type:                        Month            Type                                                YTD

Fire                              14    1 RV, 1 vehicle, 11 vegetation (1 AA, 2 MA)                    60 EMS                             41                    37 EMS, 4 MVC                                      434 Hazardous Condition 2                      2 power problem                       24                Service Call                 1                      1 assist invalid                              26

Good Intent                7        5 outdoor burn, 2 smoke             42                                              False Alarm        1                   1 smoke alarm problem                                    26

Action Taken:                         Month            Type                                                YTD

Canceled enroute       1                      1 EMS                                                           59 Extinguishment          12          11 vegetation (1AA, 2MA), 1 vehicle                       57 Provide BLS                 36                                                                                     371         Assist Invalid               1                                                                                              24   Investigate  15          4 outdoor burn, 3 EMS, 1 elect, 1 alarm, 2 smoke, 1 vegetation, 1 RV               109

Other             1             Traffic for power line down                                                    10

Automatic Aid Received (both agencies respond)    Automatic Aid Given                  

From Highland            0                                  To Highland                1

From Yakima               1                                  To Yakima                   0

From Gleed                 0                                  To BIA                         0

YTD                 3                                              YTD                 21       

Mutual Aid Received             0                           Mutual Aid Given       2 (Selah, EV)

            YTD                             1                                              YTD                 13       

Response Times: (Target= within 1 mile of station 8 minutes or less, add 2 minutes every mile after)                        Qualifying Alarms: 38mo, 398yr, Target met: mo 27 (71%) yr 283 (71%), Target not met: mo 11 (29%) yr 115 (29%)

Losses: A total of 215 acres burned in District last month with a 200-acre fire on Ahtanum Ridge being the largest and most destructive.  Losses for the month totaled $811,200 which included an RV fire, vehicle fire and two homes and a fifth wheel during the Ahtanum Ridge incident.  Ahtanum Ridge started on BIA protected lands, Fire Management fought the fire much of the afternoon and had a containment line around the fire when the wind picked up and blew the fire over the line down the ridge into our District.  The wind driven fire moved quickly into the homes within our District, many structures were saved however due to the fire intensity we were forced to retreat in several inaccessible areas and call for evacuation of residents.  The two structures lost were up on the ridge at the fire front where the only thing crews could do was wait for the fire front to pass then go back in and extinguish what they could.  There was no loss of life or major equipment damaged during this incident, the Officers have held an AAR of the event during our August Officer meeting.


The final 2020 budget items are on order including exercise equipment for Stations 53 and 54.  We received the wildland face shields and the MSA half masks we purchased for Covid-19 response and are developing a fit testing process for the half masks.  Several pieces of equipment have been repaired over the past month, most of which was completed in-house.

Budget/Finance: By Officer Boisselle

We have received Budget Requests from the stations and support services.  We will have a complete lists and preliminary budget information at the September 22nd meeting.

Department Training and Safety: By Captain Jim Johnston

August Drills included: Equipment Check / Station Drill / 2021 Budget Requests, EVIP Road Course, EVIP Rodeo & Fit Test, and Pumper / Hydrant Ops.

Developed the September Drill Schedule: Equipment Check / Station Drill / Open House Filming, OTEP Modules 5 & 6, Multi Company Ops (filming for Virtual Open House), Relay Pumping Operations, and Equipment Scramble.

On August 16th our department and Yakima Fire responded to the Ahtanum Ridge Fire which was a wind driven fire with very erratic and dangerous conditions, I am happy to say that we have not heard of any injuries sustained by responders or citizens. 

The 2020 Recruit Class resumed on August 31st with the Structural component part of the training.

Limited external training is starting to open back up.

Futures Program / Cadet Program:  By LT Chris Lyons

The School purchased a subscription to the IFSTA Resource 1 program. This program is the essentials book that we normally instruct out of but in an online platform. The students will be receiving textbooks however, the workbook and all instruction will be done online in a video classroom setting. The hope is that we will be back in the classroom by the end of October, in the event that does not happen I am prepared to continue teaching the class online. The cadets and firefighters from last year’s class have been going to drills and responding to calls and seem to be fitting in at their stations. I have contacted the cadets that are in the class again this year and informed them of the role that they will play in the class, as well as what I expect of them as cadets and second year students.


AFG is opening a second round of grant funding for Covid-19, I am in the process of determining if we have any eligible projects to apply for funding.


The Yakima Training Center Fire Department had a need for our Aero-Clave decontamination machine to return some buildings and apparatus to service so we loaned them our machine to get them back in service.

Strategic Plan:

We are currently in the process of evaluating our organization chart, updating our Capital Improvement Plan and flow testing our SCBA in addition to the new action plan items for September which are: review member incentives and wages, PSA in our newsletter, review training and certification of officers, touring our facilities for budget, review CPI for 2020 and develop a list of services we could expand or cut back on based on funding.

The Strategic Plan draft update is nearly finished and will go out to the committee members with plans to hold a meeting in late September.


We completed a legislative survey for the WFCA which I included the need to review unemployment benefits for paid-on-call firefighters.

Good of the Order:

We are in the process of printing our newsletter and should have it in mailboxes by the end of next week.  The September 28th Officer Meeting will be held at 18:00, Commissioners and Spouses are invited as guests.


Nathan Craig

Fire Chief