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Chief's Monthly Report

Chief's Monthly Report

Fire Department

Monthly Progress Report

West Valley Fire Department

Yakima County Fire District 12

For the Meeting of March 10, 2019

Agenda Topic:            Department Monthly Progress Report

Prepared By:              Chief Nathan Craig

Date Prepared:           March 9, 2020

The primary purpose of this report is to keep the Board of Fire Commissioners informed as to the activities and progress on major programs or objectives.  The items listed, as near as possible, are in priority order.  As a second purpose, this report will be shared with the Officers Management Team and all fire personnel.


Following the completion of promotional testing at the end of 2019 we have two planned promotions to Lieutenant this month, Mat Weiler and Craig Bunting will be sworn in on two separate drill nights this month.

Starting March, we have 83 on call members, 66 in service for operations, 6 support, 2 medical leave, 1 light duty and 8 on leave of absence.  Our total number of personnel is 93.


In February there were a total of 81 incidents of which 72 were handled by our personnel.

Incidents:                                       YTD                                                    

Station 51                   14                   27

Station 52                   10                   30       

Station 53                   7                    13

Station 54                   4                     9

Station 50                   37                   69

Yakima                        2                     3

Ambulance Only         7                     13

Total                                                 164

Incident Type:          Month            Type                                                               YTD Fire                              10   7 building (4-AA), 2 vegetation, 1 equipment                  18 EMS                             55                    48 EMS, 7 MVC                                            117 Hazardous Condition 3        1 power line down, 1 power problem, 1 C) detector       4 Service Call                 4                      4 assist invalid                                                 10 Good Intent                3                      3 controlled burn                                               6 False Alarm                 6                      5 AFA, 1 smoke detector                                 9

Action Taken:      Month            Type                                                                   YTD Canceled enroute       8     3 EMS (2ambu), 2 AA Structure, 2 AFA, 1 MVC            18 Extinguishment         8            2 bldg, 2 AA bldg, 2 power pole, 2 brush                   11 Provide BLS            48                                                                                                98 Assist Invalid           4                                                                                                 10 Investigate              13  2 EMS, 3 control burn, 1 MVC, 1 bldg fire, 4 AFA, 1 CO   26 Other                          0                                                                                                1

Automatic Aid Received (both agencies respond)    Automatic Aid Given                  

From Highland            0                                  To Highland                1

From Yakima               0                                  To Yakima                   2

From Gleed                 0                                  To BIA                         0

YTD                 1                                              YTD                 7         

Mutual Aid Received 1           Mutual Aid Given 4 (Yakima, Highland, 2 EV)              YTD                             1                                              YTD                 4         

Response Times: (Target= within 1 mile of station 8 minutes or less, add 2 minutes every mile after)                        Qualifying Alarms: 45mo, 94yr, Target met: mo 33 (73%) yr 68 (72%), Target not met: mo 12 (27%) yr 26 (28%)

Losses: $18,500 Trailer out of District fire.

We had a fire response out of District off the west end of Tieton Drive past the elk fence resulting in loss. Because the property is no man’s land our typical response is to provide just enough equipment and manpower to prevent the fire from spreading into the District or onto State land.  Due to the location and high wind speed we had a significant response to the fire, as well as needed mutual aid water tenders to assist in extinguishment.  WA DNR also responded at our request and patrolled the fire the next day due to forecasted winds and potential for fire spread in the sage brush.  It is not our practice to over commit District or mutual aid resources for fires outside our boundaries, however the potential this fire had for spread was too high to allow the fire to burn out naturally.


We have been in contact with the health department regarding an odor in the area of Station 52 that seems to come and go.  Our system has been inspected and is not the cause of the odor.  It is an intermittent problem that our members as well as our neighbor to the east have reported.

The air hoses have been installed at Station 53 and work continues creating the PPE drying room in the old turnout storage room.  Upcoming projects include cabinets in the restroom at Station 54, moving the ice machines out of the bays, scrolling message boards at each station, jaws for Station 51, finishing the sidewalk at Station 52 and starting work on the arbs at Station 53.

Budget/Finance: By Officer Boisselle

2019 has been reconciled in the BIAS system and we are getting ready to start the 2019 Annual Report process. BIAS is providing daily webinars to assist with varies reports and changes.

I spoke with Jim Nelson with D.A. Davidson, I am awaiting a checklist that details needed financial statements and documents to get the ball rolling on the bond for the Station 51 expansion. He is currently shopping bond rates vs. bond years. He advises it may be a good time to lock in with rates being low right now.

Department Training and Safety: By Captain Jim Johnston

February Drills included:  Equipment Check / Station Drill, OTEP Modules 1 & 2, Team Building (51 & 53) & (52 & 54), and Search with RIT.

Developed the March Drill Schedule: Equipment Check / Station Drill, OTEP Workshop A, Engine Company Attack Evolutions, and Multi Company Operations at Highland Fruit.

The Training and Safety Committee met for our first quarter meeting on February 5th.

On February 27th I attended the Annual Wildland Refresher “Hand-Off” training at Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue put on by DNR. 

The 2020 Winter EMT Academy is currently in the home stretch with the class winding down, the main portion of class will wrap up March 30th then Ambulance Ride Along and National Testing in April and a County Protocol class on April 25th.

On March 21st we will be hosting a class for 20-25 of our Members on Adult Mental Health First Aid geared towards First Responders.  Our goal is to get all our Members through this training in a series of four opportunities spread out over the year.  The second class has already been scheduled for December 5th which will be mandatory for our 2020 Recruits. 

Fire Prevention/Public Education: By Captain Johnston

On February 27th the Learning Together Pre-School with 14 students visited Station 51 for a station tour.  The day crew consisting of Leif Pray and Mike Parrish gave them instruction with fire safety information as well as touring the fire station.

Recruitment & Retention:  By LT Chris Lyons

February, we have continued to recruit, we received two more applications, one for Rehab and one for firefighter. Letters were sent out to all the applicants giving them copies of the recruit school schedule, as well as a list of the dates for the application process. We will also be handing out copies of the letter and copies of the recruit school schedule to applicants as they come in to pick up an application, or when they drop them off.  Applications are due March 31st.

Futures Program / Cadet Program:  By LT Chris Lyons

We covered 3 chapters in the month of February and were able to spend a large amount of time outside on the drill grounds. The students have also been working on applications and will be turning them in before the deadline.


Friday March 13th is the scheduled end of this legislative session; the volunteer pension enhancement bill passed the Senate 2/19 and passed the house 3/6.  The FMLA exemption for Commissioners amendment was not included when the bill passed.  Early deployment of mobe resources passed the House but is stuck in the Senate, assuming it has a budgetary impact technically it is still alive.  Smoke detector installation liability appears to have passed both the House and Senate as well as a bill to allow fire districts to run a permanent fire benefit charge.  The bill mandating districts publish online approved budgets, agendas, two years of minutes and financial statements received a striking amendment to remove the section mandating online publication.  I have no news to report regarding the budget request for radio infrastructure in Yakima County.


This week we are submitting the AFG for a quint apparatus. We also submitted a DNR Phase I equipment grant for $2500 to purchase budgeted wildland PPE and equipment at 50% cost.


The radio committee has a draft ILA to begin creating a governance for the future system that includes all user agencies.

Captain Johnston and I participated in the annual mutual aid committee meeting last month.  There is an updated version of the mutual aid agreement out. The Training Center has requested some changes made to the document which will require signatures. The current agreement has been in place 10 years.  We attempted through emergency management to have the county attorney review the document, however they declined.  Yakima City is seeking legal advice on the document through their staff attorney.

The EMS Admin board has a special meeting scheduled March 25th at 13:00 to discuss changes to the EMS levy formula.

This past month we provided coverage for East Valley during their awards banquet and participated in a lock- down drill at West Valley High School.

Good of the Order:

Our annual awards banquet was held February 29th, Firefighter Jason Wood was our 2019 Firefighter of the Year, Lieutenant Dan Boisselle 2019 EMS Provider of the Year and Firefighter Cindy Davis Bulldog recipient.

We have started working on a job description for department counselor.

Later this month we will have a social media blitz encouraging our citizens to participate in the US Census based on the current EMS formula using population as a funding factor.



Nathan Craig

Fire Chief