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1st Quarter of 2012


Policy 2406 Cell Phone Use

Policy 2406 Cell Phone Use



YAKIMA, WA 98908

POLICY #                                   2406


EFFECTIVE DATE:                     01/01/08

REVISED:                                   02/10/09



POLICY TITLE:                          DISTRICT CELL PHONES

1.0     PURPOSE

 To provide an efficient method to communicate with Fire District 12 members in day to day operations, duty coverage and for emergency response situations.  Fire District 12 recognizes that it is necessary for members to have a phone available to conduct District business and improve emergency communications between the District and its members.  The following conditions shall be followed with regard to the use of District issued cellular phones:                   

2.0     SCOPE        

          2.1 Covering the use of all District owned cell phones.

          2.2 Covering stipends for staff owned cell phones.

3.0     POLICY

3.1     Designated emergency vehicles in the Fire District will have cellular phones for use by members during an emergency.  These phones are not available for routine personal calls, although due to the nature of the alarm may be used to contact family of the members in order to advise them of their status.  The District pays all service fees.

3.2     The District will provide a stipend for career members as deemed necessary by the Fire Chief and Board of Fire Commissioners. Staff receiving a stipend are expected to be available via cell phone during all work hours and while on duty.  The member receiving the stipend is responsible for all maintenance, insurance, accessories and costs related to the mobile phone.  Because a smart phone can increase productivity through the use of email, document reading and calendaring the stipend for staff using a smart phone is paid at a higher rate than a standard cell phone. 

3.3     Annually prior to adoption of the next year’s budget the District will review cellular needs, costs and stipends based on current and predicted use.  At this time the stipend rate for the following year will be set by the Board of Commissioners based on the current cost of service and recommendation by the Chief of Department.