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1st Quarter of 2012


Juvenile Firesetter

Juvenile Firesetter

  One of the largest causes for fires in the home is children playing with fire.  Children are naturally curious about fire and its properties.  Often times, this curiosity is enough to lead to a house fire.  Occasionally, the reason why a child started a fire extended well beyond simple curiosity.  It is for cases like this that the Juvenile Fire Setters Education Program  was initiated.

The Juvenile Fire Setters Education Program is a program led by the City of Yakima Fire Department.  It allows for individual sessions to be conducted with the child, his or her parents, and the fire department.  Our goal is to educate the child about the dangers of fire.  Occasionally, referrals are received from the juvenile court system or the police department's Education Program.  The majority of the children that enter the program do so out of their parents' concerns.  The program has proven to be rather successful with very few children returning to the program again.

If you think that your child may have a problem with fire or have any questions about the program and you live within Yakima County Fire District 12, contact West Valley Fire Department at 509-966-3111 to schedule a Juvenile Fire Setters Education Program session.  Click here for a Frequently asked questions about juvenille firesetting behavior