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1st Quarter of 2012


Policy 2601: Electronic Communication Systems

Policy 2601: Electronic Communication Systems



YAKIMA, WA  98908

POLICY #                         2601


EFFECTIVE DATE:           2003

REVISION DATE:             3/10/2009


POLICY TITLE:                Electronic Communication Systems (Internet &

                                        E-Mail Usage, Software, Networks)

REFERENCES:               The Communique’ VFIS “Electronic

                                        Communication Systems”

  1. Scope: Computers are provided for Yakima County Fire District 12 personnel to use to access internal email and internet.  Some management and staff personnel are assigned a computer for productivity and use in their daily activities.  This policy will apply to the use of any District computer.
  1. All District computers and electronic communication systems are not to be used in any way that may be disruptive, offensive to others, or harmful to morale.  The display or transmission of sexually explicit pictures, messages, videos, or any other transmission or use of communications that contain profane or offensive language, ethnic slurs, racial epithets, or anything that may be considered harassment, discrimination, or disparagement of others based on race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or political beliefs.
  1. The District owns all electronic communications sent, received or stored.  While members have a reasonable expectation of personal privacy at work, these privacy interests are limited while conducting District business, on District property, or using District owned equipment therefore all computer files and e-mail sent or received on the District’s computer systems are the sole property of the District, and not the property of any employee.
  1. Email is not to be considered "confidential" or "private.”  All computer files, including e-mails sent or received, are considered and treated as if they are business related information.  The District has the capability and reserves the right with or without notice, to access, monitor, review, copy, and/or delete any computer files, including e-mail sent or received, and all web site communications and/or transactions.
  1. Software is provided by the District and is not to be shared, copied or otherwise pirated.
  1. Only District provided or authorized software is to be loaded onto District computers.
  1. The use of personal software or programs is prohibited, unless specifically authorized by Administration.
  1. The use of the Internet provides significant dangers to an organization.  The Internet is to be used professionally and appropriately at all times.  District computers are not to be used for download, viewing or distribution of any form of pornography.
  1. The email address "" is considered a form of business communication, and similar to District letterhead; all rules of etiquette and professionalism apply.
  1. Language used in electronic communications, including paging, is to be professional at all times.  The use of inappropriate language (obscene, illegal, discriminatory, and intended to harass or defame others) is unauthorized. 

11. Granting member’s access to electronic communication systems while on the job is a privilege and not a guaranteed personal right.  Availability of technology on the job is designed to enhance business practices, rather than decrease productivity and increase legal liability for the District.

12. Penalties for those who violate this policy or engage in harassing, discriminatory or other inappropriate behavior typically would follow policy 2101 “Discipline”, however, in some circumstances a first violation may be severe enough that termination may be the most appropriate finding.