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1st Quarter of 2012


Policy 2125: Vacation Time & Holiday Pay

Policy 2125: Vacation Time & Holiday Pay



YAKIMA, WA  98908


POLICY #                              2125                                               


COMMISSION CHAIR SIGNATURE:      s/b  Jim Merritt, Chair


EFFECTIVE DATE:            6/01/97 

REVISED:                             9/13/05

REVISED:                             10/14/08

REVISED:                             3/12/13                      




1.0       PURPOSE


The purpose of this policy is to establish paid vacation and holiday time for full-time personnel.




Vacation will be earned based on the employees regularly scheduled work week:


1.         Two (2) weeks starting from one (1) year of service through six (6) years.

2.         Three (3) weeks during year seven (7) through year thirteen (13).

3.         Four (4) weeks during year fourteen through year twenty (20).

4.         Five (5) weeks during from the twenty first (21) year through subsequent years.




1.    Exempt Employees:

Vacation will be earned for the first year of employment for use the second year of employment. One week after the first six months and one week after the second six months of the first year.  The first calendar year will be adjusted from hire date. Every year after will be from January to December of each year. Employee shall be allowed to carry one-half (½) of allowed vacation to succeeding year. No vacation shall be allowed to accumulate in excess of 1 ½ of that allowed in 2.0.


In cases where District operations have made it impractical for an employee to use vacation time, the Fire Chief, with approval from the Board of Fire Commissioners, may authorize additional accruals.


2.    Non Exempt Employees:

Vacation will be earned during the first year of employment for use the first year of employment.  Based on the schedule in 2.0 vacation time is accrued based upon compensatory scheduled working hours at a rate determined by the number of hours in a regularly scheduled work week times the number of weeks the employee receives in 2.0. 


Example: Employee regularly scheduled work week is 48 hours, and the employee receives 2 weeks’ vacation for the year.  48 hours a week times 52 weeks equals 2496 scheduled hours of work.  2 weeks of vacation equals 96 hours therefore divide 96 hours by 2496 to get .0384615 hours of vacation accrued per hour worked.  If the employee works their regular 48 hour week they will accrue 1.846152 hours of vacation a week which equates to 96 hours accrued over the 52 week year.


4.0       SELECTION


The Department will attempt to satisfy all vacation requests and still maintain sufficient staffing. Conflicts of vacations requests will be determined by seniority bases.  All requests must be in submitted to the Fire Chief by March 15th.  Vacation time shall be taken at times when it will least interfere with the operations of the District in the opinion of the Fire Chief, or the Board of Fire Commissioners.


5.0       HOLIDAYS


The following paid holidays to be observed are:


New Years Day

Martin Luther King Day

Presidents Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

If a paid holiday falls on a regularly scheduled day off the employee is to be compensated an additional day off.




Upon termination by the District or death, all unused accrued vacation leave shall be paid to the employee or his / her estate.  Employee forfeits the payment of accrued vacation if employee terminates employment with the District without two (2) weeks prior notice of their resigning.